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We collect, conserve, document, study and report on the history of remedies, their manufacture, application and development.

We consider the history of pharmacy as an interdisciplinary approach to the historical development of the phenomenon of illness and healing through the application of remedies.

For us, remedies are tangible but also intangible forms of expression for how people deal with sickness, health, life and death.

We document the scientific and technical developments in pharmacy, their locations and societal perception.

As a university museum we consider ourselves an interface between scientific research, particularly that conducted at Basel University, and the general public.

We take account of the fact that the economic standing of the Basel region is significantly influenced by pharmaceutical research and the industrial production of pharmaceuticals.

As part of and on behalf of Basel University we act autonomously and independently.


We reflect upon our own contents and encourage critical analysis of the history of pharmacy as well as current and future developments in pharmaceutical science and practice.

With our wide range of activities, we promote the public presence of the Pharmacy Museum in the area of Basel and beyond.