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Society of the Pharmacy Museum of Basel University

Who are we?

The aim of the Society of the Pharmacy Museum of Basel University is to support the museum. This is achieved in many different ways. One very important task is raising donations and sponsorship money, but this is not our only task. Of course, financial contributions to the museum are very helpful – for example for acquiring new objects to expand the collection – but the moral support we offer is equally important to the museum!

Why join the society?

The Pharmacy Museum of Basel University is part of the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences of Basel University. It was founded in 1925. The museum has one of the world's most extensive collections of the history of pharmacy and as a university institution it relies on external funding and donations to keep operating at an attractive level. By becoming a member, you can help us extend the collection of the Pharmacy Museum and enable us to continue to stage activities and special exhibitions in the future as well.

As a member of our society you enjoy the following privileges:

  • Free entry to the museum at all times.
  • You can purchase a museum pass at a reduced rate.
  • You receive a personal invitation to all our events, such as lectures, previews, the museum night and of course our annual general meeting.

Become a member. Return the completed form to the museum address.

Membership and fees:
The membership fee per year is:
CHF 50 – for individuals
CHF 90 – for couples
CHF 300 – for collective members (companies, institutions)
Postal account: 40-11645-4, IBAN CH41 0900 0000 4001 1645 4
Society of the Pharmacy Museum of Basel University, 4000 Basel

Society documents:

Governing body:
Dr. Johannes Anklin, President
Dr. Sabine Fehlmann, Actuary
Christine Scheibli, Treasurer
Philippe Wanner, Director of the Pharmacy Museum
Dr. Regine Buxtorf, Member
Prof. Dr. Christian Zaugg, Member
Verena Brügger-Zopfi, member

Contact and registered address:
Society of the Pharmacy Museum of Basel University
Totengässlein 3
4051 Basel
Fax: +41 (0)61 207 48 12