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THERIAK: The Past in the Present.

A special exhibition: THERIAK: The Past in the Present.

British artist Sarah Craske presents artwork in dialogue with the Pharmacy Museum’s collections.

16. Oktober 2018 – 31. Januar 2019

British artist Sarah Craske brings together the Museum’s collections with new artworks made while artist in residence at the Department of Biosystems Science and Engineering at ETH Zurich (D-BSSE). While working in their laboratories, Craske learnt about current synthetic biological approaches to fighting disease.

Simultaneously, she reflected on historic approaches to fighting disease catalogued within the Museum and discovered philosophical commonalities between the past and the present. This exhibition explores these ideas and includes a syntheticbiological artwork THERIAK, inspired by the historical medicinal wonder and panacea that, at its peak, contained 64 ingredients. Further works include the film installation The Disease Map, where Craske attempts to fight cholera with synthetic antimicrobial peptides across a map of Basel, created in collaboration with the D-BSSE.